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Recycled Rust
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Recycled Rust | Our Story

Creativity often spawns from a problem that needs solving. Our story is no different. Champagne tastes on a beer budget can be quite the conundrum. Thankfully loving family & friends passed their un-needed items onto us. Our homes were somewhat furnished. We had good bones to start with.

A second problem was the strong desire we had to make our home unlike others.  This left us bored with the home accessories that lined the shelves in local stores. We found thrift stores and auctions to supply us with unique accent pieces.

Hand-me-down furniture & flea market finds are well and good – they come with a story.  But the problem was that not all of it fit in with our story. So out came the tools: sanders, saws & savvy. Things were tore down and rebuilt. Paint and embellishments added. While we add a new life, character was left to remind us of its previous life. What fun we had.

But then came another problem. We fell in love. With the hunt for a good piece, the smell of sawdust, the feel of rust. We couldn’t stop. “Honey, do you really think we need another lamp?” my husband would ask.  Not really I thought.  But I had just dug through a junk pile and had a vision. How could I not carry it through?

So now we are offering our goods to you. Add one of our unique pieces to your home and make its story part of yours.